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There are many facets to Artist Karen Wheeler besides art. The fair treatment of others is also close to her heart, especially when it comes to the elderly, children, animals and those with disabilities. As you will find in the writings on this site, Karen shares her experiences and knowledge of how life is in the disabled community. These writings are meant to assist those with similar life obstacles and to educate those who are not disabled. Through the magic of art and writing, Karen expresses to everyone that anything is possible.

Bat Masterson by Karen Wheeler
The Fate Of Little Red Riding Hood Part Three by Karen Wheeler
Jack in the Box by Karen Wheeler
Watercolor by Karen Wheeler
Self Portrait by Karen Wheeler
Eagle Eye by Karen Wheeler

Hiring Caregivers

If they appear squeamish with any question, you will know their weaknesses and what they are not comfortable with.  This person may not be reliable for all things.  Make up scenarios for them: ask them how they would feel if you accidentally wet the bed at night.  Check their … Read More

Eye of the Beeholder by Karen Wheeler

Caregivers: True Stories

 For instance, on Tuesday night the dirty dishes of the day are stacked by the sink.  "Just this one time and it won't happen again" they say -- until the next time it happens.  The dirty clothes are in a pile and didn't get washed and put away, but don't worry -- they will be taken care of... … Read More

Imagine by Karen Wheeler

My Message to You

 I will not accept a decision made by someone else for me, especially if it is something I do not want.  I became assertive by deciding that I am as much of an important human being as anyone else.  When asked if I wanted to be the dog being kicked to the curb or to be the person … Read More


  1. Hey Karen! Awesome artwork. Your talents have seldom been witnessed on the planet!

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